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Stop Design's 'Search Engine Optimisation Check List'

The following information is included in our Excel SEO download. (Updated: 17th Jan 2009)
[ CHECK ] [ Additional Notes ]
Prepared a list of key words?  
Analysis of Competitor websites?  
Check keyword Prominence, Proximity & Density?  
Are the keywords applied to ALL 'website assets'?
Domain Name ? Maps ?
Text - ie: Headings ? Document Downloads ?
Text - ie: Content ? Hidden Files ?
Images (ie Alt Tags) ? File Structure ?
Links / Hyperlinks ? File / Folder Names ?
Source Code ? Articles ?
Meta Data ? RSS Feeds?
BACK LINKS  (ie: In Links)  
Have you identified a 'significant' number of back links? >100? Go to 'Yahoo' and type: link:http://www.[your domain address] 
Do your 'Back Links' have a high Page Rank (PR)?  
Are your back links relevant?  
Are your downloadable documents optimised? Amend original document 'Properties'
eg: Word / Excel / PDFs / Powerpoint?  
Do not use 'Frames'.  Frames represent old technology and should be avoided.
Is your website written in CSS? …of a high standard? Right floated 'Navigation Lists'?
Avoid excessive use of 'Tables' ?  
Have all redundant links been removed?  
ACCESSIBILITY OK with 'Disability Discrimination Act'?
Accessibility Checks? http://wave.webaim.org/
CSS Validation http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ 
XHTML / HTML Validation http://validator.w3.org
Accessibility & compliance with the 'Disability Discrimination Act' http://wave.webaim.org/
HELPING THE 'ROBOT CRAWL' File Uploads & Updated?
Don't use Frames  
Don't hide Text (eg white text on a white background!)  
Don't repeat Content Check your website against Google's 'Supplemental List'
Don't locate all web page files in the same folder  
Avoid using 'Stop Words' in Meta data and Header tags ie: Those words that Search Engines consider to be irrelevant
Any Google Penalties? Check inclusion on Google's 'Supplemental List'
Don't use images in place of text. eg: navigation button images, headings etc. Google searches for 'Alt' tags but gives priority to plain text content.
Minimise the use of Javascript triggered links. eg: pop-ups.
Finally .... Lynx  
Open your website in a text-only browser (such as Lynx) to get an idea on how search engines view your pages Lynx is free to download from:
Windows Version http://csant.info/lynx.htm
Mac OS X Users http://www.apple.com/downloads/
Main Keystroke for Lynx G to open a web page / H to display the help system.