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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

“Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is aimed at delivering quality leads to your web site & business from people who have never heard of you before.”

It’s been estimated that:

  • 83% of searchers never look beyond page 2 of a Google search.
  • 65% never click on paid (sponsored) links.
  • 15% of all sales in the UK are currently performed on-line.
  • On-line sales are expected to increase to > 38% by 2020
  • The Number One position in Google is perceived by many to represent quality, reliability, a sure bet.
  • Google currently represents 42.7% of the searches conducted. Yahoo = 28% and MSN = 13.2%

SEO should be achieved by ‘natural (organic) means’, - ie: relying on natural rather than sponsored listings.


Google and ‘PageRank’

  • Google was devised by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (2 x PhD Students at Stanford University, USA)
  • PageRanking is named after Larry Page. (see: Load the Google Toolbar http://toolbar.google.com and select ‘PageRank’)
  • The underlying concept for Google developed from a research project called ‘BackRub
  • Google has a vast number of servers and data centres throughout the World.
  • See: Google Tech Notes for more information.